Paulette Etchart

Paulette Etchart is a third generation Montanan who grew up on the prairies of North Eastern Montana. Her art often reflects her love of the Montana and California landscapes. She is a member of the Montana Water Color Society.

You can find her work at Birds and Beasleys, as well as Fireside Coffee, both in Helena, Montana. If you venture further south to California, come see Paulette’s original watercolors and prints at Aurelia’s, a boutique in Pacific Grove, California.

Aurelia’s: 665 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA. 93950    Phone: 831-747-2111

Paulette’s Story

I have always wanted to paint, from the time that I was about six years old. My Mother set me up in our basement with an easel, a beret, a palette, a smock, and paints. Upon seeing me set up this way, one of my sisters said to me “this is just another one of your whims!” Well as it turns out…it wasn’t.

I indulged my interest then and later as a young adult, by taking Workshops and Adult Education classes. These classes meandered through my college years while I studied Microbiology. I kept taking them during my working years and then later while I worked raising our three kids. I have painted with a group of women weekly for the last twenty-two years.

I believe painting can open a window to this world. I hope to show the beauty that surrounds us through my work. For me, a painting can portray a place that exists maybe just between heaven and earth. We can only get a glimpse of it there, and rarely, if we are lucky. That is what I am always trying to show color, form, beauty and home…all the things that, to me, are stunning and beautiful in our world!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Paulette,
    I thought I still had your cell phone number, but I do not. I was going to text you today to say that I am thinking of Nancy, I know this is her birthdate. Her spirit is still with us.
    I hope all is well with you and your family.
    Vicki Anfinson


  2. Hi Pauly! I still have your painting I purchased from you years ago. I must check out your newest inventory!!!! Love you girlfriend!


  3. Paulette, I’m very impressed with your work. How wonderful that you Mom would support you when you were young. Your work is beautiful. ❤


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